Canon Plotter Ink for Canon IPF Ink Cartridge

Splashjet offers a comprehensive range of compatible canon plotter ink for use with respective canon large format ink cartridge. The inks are designed with matching parameters as that of Canon IPF Ink offering an exceptional level of performance. Suitable specific replacement ink to the Lucia, Lucia Ex, Lucia Pro & Lucia TD inks range are available with us.

Key Features of Canon Plotter Ink :

  • Vivid Color Performance – Highly Chromatic Pigment based Inks for Brilliant Colors
  • Wide Color Gamut – Closely Matching Color Gamut as that of OEM inks
  • Long Print-Head Life – High Purity Ingredients for Matching OEM Print-head Life
  • Outstanding Print Performance – Sharp Details, No Intercolor Bleeding
  • Exceptional Decap Performance – No Missing Nozzles, No Frequent Head Cleans
ink for canon plotters photography prints
Photography Prints
ink for canon plotters CAD GIS Printing
CAD & GIS Plotting
ink for canon plotters graphic arts
Graphic Arts
ink for canon plotters decor printing
Décor Printing

Canon Large Format Printer Compatibility List :

Sr NoCompatible Ink CodePrinterCartridge No.Color
1Dura-Jet-PCN-LF-1000Canon IPF TX-3000 / TX-2000 / TX-1000PFI-110Pigment Ink
MBk, Bk, C, M, Y
2Dura-Jet-PCN-LF-671Canon IPF 671 / 671M / 771 / 771M / 681/ 781/ 786PFI-8107, PFI-8207Pigment Ink - MBk, MBk
Dye Ink - Bk, C, M, Y
Canon IPF 831 / 841/ 851PFI-8307, PFI-8707
3Dura-Jet-PCN-LF-710Canon IPF 710 / 715PFI–102Pigment Ink - MBk, MBk
Dye Ink - Bk, C, M, Y
Canon IPF 500 / 510 / 600/
605 / 610 / 700 / 705
Canon IPF 650 / 655 / 750 /755 /760 /765PFI–102
Canon IPF 810 /815 / 820 / 825PFI–703
Canon IPF 670 /770 / 680 / 685 / 780 / 785PFI-107, PFI-207
Canon IPF 830 / 840 / 850PFI-307, PFI-707
4Dura-Jet-PCN-LF-750Canon IPF 650 /655 /750/ 755 /760 /765PFI–104Dye Ink - M
5Dura-Jet-PCN-LF-520Canon IPF 6000 /4000 /2000 / 560 / 540 / 520PFI-1100, PFI-1300, PFI-1700All Pigment Ink
MBk, Bk, C, M, Y, PC, PM, R, B, GY, PGY, CO
Canon IPF 6000s / 4000s / 2000s /560s / 540s / 520sPFI-1100, PFI-1300, PFI-1700
Canon IPF 1000PFI-1000
6Dura-Jet-PCN-LF-6300Canon IPF 8300 /8310 / 8400 / 8410 /9300 / 9310 / 9400 / 9410PFI-304, PFI-306, PFI-704, PFI-706All Pigment Ink
MBk, Bk, C, M, Y, PC, PM, R, B, GY, PGY, CO
Canon IPF 8300s / 8310s / 8400s / 8410s / 9300s / 9400s / 9410sPFI-304, PFI-306, PFI-704, PFI-706
Canon IPF 8410se / 8400sePFI-304, PFI-306, PFI-704, PFI-706
Canon IPF 6300 / 6350 / 6400 / 6450PFI–105, PFI-106, PFI-205, PFI-206
Canon IPF 6300s / 6350s / 6400sPFI–105, PFI-106, PFI-205, PFI-206
Canon IPF 6410se /6400sePFI–105, PFI-106, PFI-205, PFI-206
7Dura-Jet-PCN-LF-9000Canon IPF 8000 / 8100 / 8110 /9000 / 9100 /9110PFI–301, PFI-701All Pigment Ink
MBk, Bk, C, M, Y, PC, PM, R, B, GY, PGY, CO
Canon IPF 8000s /8010s / 9000s / 9010sPFI–301, PFI-701
Canon IPF 5000 /5100 /6100PFI–101

Splashjet replacement ink for Canon plotter is based on specific inks offering thorough compatibility with respective Canon IPF ink. Dye-based & pigment-based ink formulations are offered to ensure same performance as that of Canon IPF Ink. Besides quality performance, Splashjet canon large format ink offers reliable decap behavior and high-quality sharp prints with excellent color depth.

The Splashjet canon plotter ink made with specially prepared high-performance colorants, high purity ingredient additives, salt-free dyes. Stringent manufacturing process ensures to deliver the same inks with the highest consistency. Robust ink design based on original Canon IPF ink delivers a highly satisfying performance. Special attention is paid to ink design parameters to ensure maximum performance of print-heads. We pay special attention to sensitive design parameters such as print-head temperature during printing. All this is done to ensure that we deliver the best quality inks.

Our range of compatible ink for Canon IPF printer is suitable for the applications such as Professional Photography, Graphic Arts, Proofing, CAD & GIS applications. These inks are available in a wide variety of packaging options ranging from 500gm, 1kg HDPE bottles to 25 kg HDPE Carbuoy.

If you are looking for an extraordinary inks for your printers, Splashjet offers inks that will help you differentiate from the crowd.

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