Digital Textile Printing Ink - Textile Ink

With advancement in the inkjet ink technology and textile Industry, there have been huge improvements in the Digital Textile printing ink. In this evolving segment of the digital printing market, Splashjet has developed innovative Digital textile ink for all major industrial print-heads and fabrics.

With over 12 years of experience in inkjet industry, we offer a wide range of digital printing ink for different application and different printer-heads. Our Inks are best suited for the production environment in rapidly changing fashion and textile industry. For more details about specific Textile Ink product, select your product of interest.

splashjet textile sublimation ink

Splashjet Super-Sub® offers wide range of dye sublimation ink. These inks are designed to deliver enhanced performance on different print-head. The inks are suitable for various applications of sublimation transfer printing. Super-Sub® inks are made from high purity Low Energy disperse dyes. Thus they offer excellent print-head performance and extended nozzle life. The inks are suitable for use with different types of sublimation papers. These dye sublimation Ink are fine-tuned to offer excellent release, vivid color, reduced cockling, long shelf life and much more.

Textile pigment ink

Dura-Jet DTG Ink is the range of digital textile pigment inks. Direct to Garment pigment ink offers ease of fixation process and environment-friendly process to print on natural fibers. Besides these inks are largely fabric independent. DTG ink – Direct to garment ink have been around for a while for direct printing on garments. These are developed by selecting special pigment resistant to fade and ozone resistance.


Dura-Jet DTex Roll range ink is fine-tuned to work for a roll to roll digital textile printing applications. This textile pigment ink offers a unique blend of print-head friendliness and fabric performance. With superior jet-ability of these inks you can have uninterrupted print runs for maximum productivity. Printed fabrics have outstanding colors, very good wash and rub fastness performance consistent with industry standards.

Disperse dye ink for direct printing

Splashjet offers disperse ink for direct printing on the polyester and polyester blend fabrics. These inks are made from High Energy Disperse dyes for direct textile printing. Ink offers excellent stability, depths with high fixation,  strength & rich saturated colors. We have developed proprietary grinding and stabilization technology to manufacture disperse ink from high purity high energy disperse dye.

Reactive ink for DTP digital textile Printing

Splashjet offers a range of reactive inks for direct printing on cotton & viscose fibers. Manufactured from highly purified dyestuff, Splashjet ink offers long printhead life, brilliant colors, high wash & fade resistance. These inks are specially formulated for longer shelf life upto 12 months under controlled storage conditions. The consistent quality of Splashjet reactive ink originates from high purity dyes, stable chemistry & perfect reactivity.

Splashjet screen engraver ink

Splashjet offers special ink for the screen engravers. Used to make high precision screens, Splashjet offers inks with high UV resistance, excellent half-tones & sharpness. Maximum print depth for screen exposures is facilitated by these inks. In addition, these inks offer easy washability to conserve valuable resources.

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