Digital Textile Pigment Ink - Textile Roll Application

Dura-Jet DTex is the range of digital textile pigment inks. Owing to ease of fixation and environment friendly process to print on natural fibres, textile pigment inks have growing acceptance.

Dura-Jet DTex Roll range ink is fine-tuned to work for a roll to roll digital textile printing applications. This textile pigment ink offers a unique blend of print-head friendliness and fabric performance. With superior jet-ability of these inks you can have uninterrupted print runs for maximum productivity. Printed fabrics have outstanding colors, very good wash and rub fastness performance consistent with industry standards.

Due to exceptional nozzle performance, small start-up time, easy nozzle recovery & long print head life helps you save valuable time and money on costly print-head replacements. These inks are available with specific formulations for industrial print-heads of Ricoh Gen 5, Fuji Dimatix Starfire, KM 512i & 1024i along with the popular Epson DX5, DX7 & 5113 print-heads.

DuraJet DTex pigment ink has been widely accepted in the garment, apparels, home décor and furnishing industry.

We also offer a variety of pre-treatment liquids for coating of fabric before printing. This pre-coating enhances color reproduction by holding more color on top of the fabric. We also offer rub enhancing pre-coating liquids for digital textile printing application. For more details, please refer product data sheet.

Key Features of Digital Textile Pigment Ink:

  • Consistent & Reliable jet-ability
  • Clog Free Print-heads & Excellent Decap Performance
  • Advanced Polymer Binder Chemistry for Crock & Wash performance

Recommended Fabrics:

  • Cotton
  • Poly-Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Viscose
  • Jute
  • Cotton Blends
textile pigment ink dtg for Cotton fabrics

Cotton Fabrics

textile pigment ink dtg jute fabrics

Jute Fabrics

textile pigment ink dtg home furnishings

Home Furnishings

textile pigment ink dtg bed sheets

Bed Sheets

Digital Textile Pigment Ink :

Sr.Product CodePrint-headCompatibilityColors
1Dura-jet -Dtex-Roll-EPEpsonDigital Textile Printer with DX5, DX7, TFP, 5113 Print-headsC, M, Y, BK, Bl, Rd
2Dura-jet -Dtex-Roll-RHRicohDigital Textile Printer with Ricoh Gen 5, Gen 4 Print-headsC, M, Y, BK, Bl, Rd
3Dura-jet -Dtex-Roll-SPFuji StarfireDigital Textile Printer with Fuji Dimatix Starfire Print-headsC, M, Y, BK, Bl, Rd
4Dura-jet -Dtex-Roll-KMKonica MinoltaDigital Textile Printer with KM 512i, 1024i Print-headsC, M, Y, BK, Bl, Rd
5Dura-jet -DTex Pre Treat-APre-TreatmentColor Enhancer Pre-treatment 10X Concentrate (High Performance)-
6Dura-jet -DTex Pre Treat-BPre-TreatmentRub Enhancer Pre-treatment 10X Concentrate (High Performance)-
7Dura-jet -DTex SPL 10X Pre TreatPre-TreatmentEconomy Pre-treatment 10X Concentrate-
8Dura-jet -DTex SPL 20X Pre TreatPre-TreatmentEconomy Pre-treatment 20X Concentrate-
9CLI-Flush-Transfer Ink - EP / BRFlushing SolutionFlushing Solution for low viscosity print-heads-
10CLI-Flush-Transfer Ink - RH / KMFlushing SolutionFlushing solution for medium viscosity print-heads-
11CLI-DeCap - Capping Cleaning InkCapping SolutionCapping Station moisturiser for preventing drying of ink-

Other Products in Digital Textile Printing Ink

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