Industrial Inkjet Ink - Custom Inkjet Ink

Splashjet offers a diverse range of industrial inkjet ink. These inks are used in a wide range of applications from digital décor to coding & marking applications. Industrial inkjet application demands a whole new level of product reliability in terms of printer and application performance. It is imperative to have an in-depth understanding of the application requirements and the inkjet systems to develop the solutions. We work closely with various collaborators involved in the development of such applications. As a sustainable environmental responsibility, we have extensive focus on of development of water-based ink chemistries for various applications.

Splashjet offers its technical expertise to develop custom inkjet ink for specific applications. We have an experienced team handling collaborations all across the world to develop the solutions. It’s a matter of immense pride for us to contribute to the increased acceptance of industrial inkjet solutions.

industrial coding and marking inkjet inks

Splashjet offers a wide range of Coding and Marking inks suitable for HP TIJ platforms and Large character Printer Ink (LCP Ink ). These inks are available in specific variations and colors for specific applications. Inks have specific features of excellent dry time, good rub resistance & sharpness.

Industrial inkjet press inks

Single Pass printing has revolutionized the inkjet presses. Splashjet understands the criticality of the single pass applications. Splashjet offers inks with reliable jet-ability for the inkjet presses. Splashjet specializes in aqueous ink chemistry for the presses. Splashjet is involved in close cooperation with OEM’s for developing application specific inks.

ink for inkjet indurstrial positive film

Splashjet offers specially developed high density black inks for the Inkjet Film Positive applications. Exceptional UV absorbance, precise half-tones & high sharpness makes Splashjet HD Black inks an excellent choice for printing on films. Splashjet inks are compatible with all popular inkjet films.

cleaning solution for industrial print heads

In inkjet technology, one has to always take proper care of the print-heads and the printers. Splashjet offers a wide array of fluids to make life easier. Splashjet offers flushing inks, cleaning solutions, moisturizers for preventing head clogs. Carefully made to suit the print-heads, backed up by elaborate instructions, these fluids make head maintenance, head recovery very easy.

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