Sublimation Printing Business – 5 Steps to Get Started

In this post we’ll be talking about five steps to start your sublimation printing business. As we all know that sublimation printing business is very easy to start. It is basically involved with making product and printing them using the sublimation heat press machine and it’s very easy to do. 1. Research You need to […]

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printer Maintenance Tips

In this Digital world, direct-to-garment printers have carved their place in the printing industry. They offer high versatility to print on garments whether single piece or a small lot. In just span of time, Direct-to-garment printers are moving forward from an un-proven category of machines, to being identified as very high-yielding printers. However the DTG […]

How to Make Money with Direct to Garment Printing

Digital Printing Digital Printing is the future of textile printing industry. It’s time to diversify whether you’re in the screen printing world or if this is a new business. It’s important to offer your customers a lot of different options that sets you apart from the people that are out there already, being able to […]

Start Your Own Sublimation Business: Things You’ll Need to Do

This article is focusing on information to help people who want to get into sublimation business. Better understand the process and also give them an idea of what to expect along the way. We’ll be covering what different types of equipment are available which suits your needs best for making money with sublimation business. This will […]

Selecting Right Printer Settings

While printing with inkjet printers, you are always asked to select the media. Most of us will be wondering why printer driver would do that. Let’s understand the science behind the printer settings. Why one required to select the correct media, this questions may have a different view. Some are to improve the print quality, […]

Differences Between Direct to Garment Printing vs Screen Printing

Everyone who deals in the textile industry has heard about DTG or digital printing. Most of the industry is well aware of the screen printing process, which is a key printing process for the garment industry. Our goal highlights the key differences between direct to garment printing vs screen printing, so you can choose the right […]

Why Dye Sublimation? Grow with Fast & Easy Return on Investment

Dye Sublimation printing on woven polyester and knitted fabrics using heat transfer printing process has established itself as a proven investment in recent years for the apparel and home decor industry. What you all need for an effective Sublimation setup is a Good quality Heat press, Reliable, and affordable Dye Sublimation Ink, high release sublimation transfer […]

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