Dye Sublimation Inks for Heat Transfer Printing

Splashjet Super-Sub range of textile dye sublimation inks is designed for enhanced performance. Super-Sub inks are made from high purity Low Energy disperse dye. These dye sublimation Inks are fine-tuned to offer excellent release. Super-Sub inks offer higher dye concentration for effective performance on thin coated sublimation papers without wet-cockling issues. These Dye Sub Ink make roll to roll printing on high speed industrial printers easy.

Deep linear blacks, vivid and sharp colors, wider gamut for dark blues and deep reds are salient features of Super-Sub ink transfers. Splashjet’s stringent quality norms and rigorous application tests ensure the consistent & reliable performance of Super-Sub inks.

Key features of Super-Sub Dye Sublimation Ink & Heat Transfer Printing are:

  • Vivid & Sharp Color Transfers

  • Deep Neutral Black Tones

  • High Strength Formula for lesser ink loads

  • Excellent Dry Performance on thin coated media

  • Clog Free Nozzles for 24×7 printing

  • Excellent decap performance for fast start up

Recommended Fabrics:

  • Polyester

  • Polyester Blends

dye sublimation Inks for apparels printing


Heat Transfer Ink for buntings printing


Sublimation Inks for Heat Transfer Printing for soft signage

Soft Signage

textile sublimation transfer ink for home furnishings printing

Home Furnishing

Splashjet sublimation textile inks are recommended for polyester, polyester blends, etc.

Textile Sublimation Compatibility List

Sr.Print-head CompatibilityColorsProduct Code
1EpsonSublimation Ink for Epson DX4, DX5, DX7, TFPC, M, Y, BK, LC, LM, LK, LLK, RD, GN, OR, Fl-Y, Fl-MSuper-Sub-T
2Konica MinoltaSublimation Ink for KM 512i, 1024, 1024iC, M, Y, BKSuper-Sub-KM
3RicohSublimation Ink for Ricoh Gen4, Ge4L, Gen5C, M, Y, BKSuper-Sub-RH
4PanasonicSublimation Ink for Panasonic headC, M, Y, BKSuper-Sub-PH
5SeikoSublimation Ink for Seiko SPT512 & SPT1024C, M, Y, BKSuper-Sub-SK

Super-Sub™ - Sublimation Inks Specifications:

Washing (ISO 105-C06) (C2S) 4-54-54-54-54-54-54-54-54-54-5
Perspiration in Acid (ISO105-E04)4-554-54-54-544-54-54-54
Perspiration in Alkali (ISO105-E05)4-54-54-554-54-54-54-555
Light Fastness -Xenon Test (ISO105-B02)65-66-765-65-65-6555