Digital Textile Ink Manufacturer & Exporter

Get Performance

Splashjet offers high quality digital textile ink tailored to perform. Right from raw materials to chemical properties, inks are designed for the target performance parameters. With Splashjet inks comes an assurance of performance !

Ask for Consistency

Splashjet understands very well that Consistency is what differentiates a great inkjet ink from other inks. Our stringent process and quality control ensures the repeat-ability of the results. Be it the color strength or the chemical & physical parameters, Splashjet inks will be same every-time !

Rely on Us

You can always rely upon Splashjet inks for your print business. Splashjet inks ensure minimum downtime, clog free nozzles & excellent print-head run-ability. Splashjet inks are tested in-house thoroughly before it reaches you !

Lead with Confidence

Splashjet inks are designed developed & tested in a sophisticated set-up. The set-up is backed up by a capable team led by our founder himself. This helps Splashjet offer inks that deliver outstanding results every-time

  • State of the art laboratory
  • Highly Capable Development Team
  • Well equipped application lab

We Commit, We Deliver

We Commit at Splashjet

Here at Splashjet, we believe that Trust and Integrity is the base of any relationship. We love to build and cherish long term business relations with our customers. We always stand by our commitments to deliver the best outcome.

Depend Upon Us

Splashjet Technical Support

Inkjet is a dynamic business. Each application is unique in terms of printers, substrates, end use. Splashjet shares its vast know-how of diverse applications with you. Splashjet wholeheartedly supports you to overcome these challenges.

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