Fabic TX-1800 Sublimation Transfer Printer

Print and Transfer on polyester based fabrics


Apparels Printing

Soft Signages

Flags Printing

Home Furnishings

High Precision Micro Piezo Print-Head

Well proven micro piezo Epson DX5 printheads known for stability and exceptional print performance.

Media Detection Sensors

Intelligently designed sensors to assist unattended print jobs.

High Strength Aluminum Cross Beam

Stable and lightweight cross-beam for heavy duty printing.

Highest Quality Japanese Guide Rail

Long life high precision Japanese guide rail for precise movement of the print-head for accurate prints everytime

Auto Media Feeding System

Automatically controlled constant tension media feeding system allows stability to the transfer paper.

Auto Media Take-Up System

Constant tension take-up system facilitates hassle free handling of media. Suitable for roll-to-roll printing too.

Wastage Ink Collection

Excess or wastage ink is collected in a separate container.

Heavy Duty Industrial X,Y Motors

High precision heavy duty X,Y motors for linear accuracy.

World Class German Cable Chain

Heavy duty cable chains made in Germany.

Dryer for Roll to Roll Printing

Easy to control temperature dryers with fans for effective drying of the prints

IR Heater

Smart Infrared Heater offers energy efficient and effective drying performance
Technical Key Specifications
Print Technology Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology (5th Gen) x 2 nos
Nozzle configuration180 nozzles x 8 lines / head (K/K/C/C/M/M/Y/Y)
Drop Mass range (pl)3.5 to 21
Printing Accuracy (max) 1440dpi
Max. Media Width1800mm (Max thickness 1 mm)
Media TypePaper
Max. Reel diameter350mm (max 80kg reel)
Ink Supply System:
Ink TypeDye Sublimation, Pigment , Photo-Dye, Eco Solvent
Ink Supply ModeContinuous Ink Supply System (CISS)
Ink Cartridge Capacity220ml cartridge + CISS System 1000ml (1 litre)
Printing Performance:
Resolution360, 720, 1080, 1440 dpi
Printing Modes3 Pass, 4 Pass, 6 Pass, 8 Pass, 12 Pass
Speed44 m2/h, 32 m2/h, 22 m2/h, 16 m2/h, 11 m2/h
*All are approx indicated speeds
Other Specifications :
InterfaceHigh-Speed USB 2.0 interface
Power SourceSingle phase 230V (+10% -10%) 50/60Hz (Printer: 1.0KW)
Heating System:IR Heater dryer
RIP SoftwarePhotoprint DX 10 + Printer Manager (Supported OS - Windows XP / Windows 7/8/10 )
Operating Environment:Temp - 150C ~ 300C and Humidity - 40% ~ 80%
Machine SizePrinter: 3180mm (L)*710mm (W) *1350mm (H); Net Weight - 300kg