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At Splashjet, Quality is a tenet to live by. We understand very well that it is Consistency that separates good inks from ordinary one’s.  Our stringent quality controls ensure Reliability & standardized manufacturing process guarantee the  Consistency of Splashjet inks. So, be assured! When you buy Splashjet inks, you get the best inkjet ink with same color strength, chemical properties and physical properties, every time.

We firmly believe that product quality is achieved by total quality control at every step of manufacturing process. Splashjet has established an elaborate quality control laboratory and application laboratory. At Splashjet all quality parameters are defined at the design stage itself. Quality is an essential criteria for selection of all raw materials. Right from procurement to production, there is stringent quality check. All high quality inkjet ink are tested in the application laboratory to ensure the desired performance. For us quality control continues even after bottling and packaging. Inks are stored in a temperature controlled environment  to ensure long shelf life.

Splashjet Quality Management System is certified as per globally accepted ISO 9001:2008 standards. We are very well aware of our responsibilities towards sustainable clean environment of our planet. Our zero discharge manufacturing systems and 14001:2004 EMS certificate is a testimonial to that.

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