How to Make Money with Direct to Garment Printing

direct to garment printing

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is the future of textile printing industry. It’s time to diversify whether you’re in the screen printing world or if this is a new business. It’s important to offer your customers a lot of different options that sets you apart from the people that are out there already, being able to produce multi color images & photographs and with no additional screen fee or any setup of that nature.

It’s really important to know the flexibility that you have with direct to garment printing and then the quality of it that you can get out of digital printing. There’s also a continuous pricing pressure for all the different products and services that you’re offering so the idea being is we can do everything that screen printer can do and we can do it at a competitive rate. But what’s going to set you apart, how are you going to add value to your product.

There’s increased competition through web and social media so that it’s no longer just working in your local area, there’s opportunities all over the world. Using different websites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all of those different things that can expand your footprint and open up opportunities to you that necessarily weren’t there with screen printing.

Why Should You Get into Direct to Garment Printing?

Direct to garment printing actually started back in 2006 and it has been an emerging technology increasing at a rapid pace. There’s a lot of money out there to be made a lot of customers are looking for that type of customization, that type of job but we’re really just scratching the surface here because the garment printing industry is estimated to be a 30-billion-dollar industry and we’re really only hitting just the small pieces right now and as it’s growing its influence, becoming more and more dominant. You know six years ago there were few garment printers and everything was done by screen printing.

Now Garment printers are everywhere on every aisle. All of the money is being funded into direct to garment printing & it’s becoming the preferred method of garment Printing. There’s a tremendous room for growth as the technology gets better and better. What are some of the challenges for people that aren’t in the digital world, on the other hand there are challenges that people don’t have with direct-to-garment printers.

The production equipment can be costly and take up a lot of space but what we mean by that is think about what it costs to purchase a screen printing set up even something as small as a four-color process not only does it limit you in terms of the amount of colors that you can produce but also multiple prints.

Comparison Between Screen and Digital Printing

Screen printing is an art and you have to give credit to really good screen printers because they’ve crafted their art and it requires a lot of time and effort to get that good at it. Screen printing really make its money from some huge orders, but on something that is few t-shirts, I think we can all agree that the margins are very small.

They also have a big issue with attracting new clients which is why they do some of that small run stuff. I mean it’s nice to be able to do your bread and butter but wouldn’t it be great to do that small run stuff or if you ever have a customer that is ordering 500 shirts and comes back a week later and needs five more, well I hope you know have to reclaim their screens but if you had a direct garment printer you could easily put those five right out with no problem.

Also they need a competitive edge there’s something we call a customer service quotient and it’s the ability to lock in repeat customers. The biggest struggles we see is they screw burners. They get the business at least initially but they have a hard time bringing that business back to it. Customer needs a five-shot order they know that screen printers not to be able to do it so they go some other place.

So being a leader these are the struggles that they come across also lead times and ship times takes a long time to kind of build that business up. How many times have you tried to order shirts and get sure it’s done and that turnaround time is two weeks? So it’s a big issue in a screen printing world and it is pushing people towards digital which leads us.

The solutions with direct to garment printers is that there are no minimum orders don’t care if it’s one shirt or a thousand shirts one color or a thousand colors. Your cost is the same to produce each shirt and you can print those unlimited colors. Take a photo directly off your phone and print it onto a shirt screen printer legitimately. You can also customize and personalize each individual shirt. Imagine a school that has a volleyball team and being able to not only put the number on the back of the volleyball shirt but maybe the kid’s last name as well.

Screen printers would really hard-pressed to do something like that whereas the digital printing all you have to do is type it in and hit print.

We have printers that have the capacity to be incredibly competitive with huge orders, because the output has increased so much. They’re also a lot easier to learn and operate especially, when you compare it to what it takes to learn how to screen print. We don’t want to make it sound too simple but as long as the file itself looks good the digital file that you’re printing on the printer is going to print what it sees.

How to Start?

Addressable Market :

These markets were identified as steady and growing markets within the next three years. Retail stores, Interior designers, Corporate branding government ad agencies, Manufacturing places, Non-profits athletic teams, Schools food services, Healthcare hospitality. There are tons of different places that are ordering shirts on a regular basis Schools, restaurants all different business.

So these are kind of where you want to plan your attack. These are the company, these are the industries that you want to look at. The schools, corporate branding, non-profits and athletic teams those are kind of the main hat they carry the biggest demand for four garments but these other places health care, institutions and the retail stores they also have a command. So it’s important to get out there and be in front of those types of places.

Marketing Ideas :

You have your printer and you’re wondering where to start. Now you just need to bring in some business. So the first thing that always seems to work best is you just focus on your initial gear community, focus on your local industries that may be for restaurants, schools, bars or different businesses.

We all initially think that when we’re starting a business we want to get business cards for marketing efforts. You want to be able to hand out your business card, that’s good and you should or maybe you want to do a flyer or something that you can or mail or a mass mailer to bring in those marketing ideas. Here’s something that you have complete control over, you don’t have to outsource and it’s incredibly powerful.

1. Every week highlight 10 companies that you can go to whether their schools restaurants.

2. Instead of dropping off a business card or a flyer print a shirt with an image, make it seasonal. A picture of the football with a great thought & all your contact information.

3. Highlight what sets you apart no minimum order, unlimited colors, personalize and customize each and every shirt, 24-hour turnaround time. Literally create an image that has an energy.

So highlight 10 to 20 places you can go on a weekly basis and start dropping those shirt off at those places. Go face to face with them also contact some of your friends and family. Most of the time they’ll know somebody that has a need or if their need comes up your name will start to come up.

Nobody throws away a shirt and it’s also incredibly inexpensive to make. Business cards are good but sometimes they end in the trash, down the side of your seat in your car. They’re easy to forget but if you have a shirt it’s a powerful marketing tool. Because people will see what you can offer but they don’t end up in the trash can rather it ends up in your dresser, it ends up in your closet and not only do they get to see the quality that we can produce but they also get to see all the flexibility.

Social Platforms:

You need to have a social media presence (eBay, Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) not only to post your designs and recent orders but as a vehicle for your customers to give you any positive or negative feedback. Negative on hopefully not but positive feedback having a social media influences.

It’s probably one of the more critical pieces. You Google a company, the company’s either website or their Facebook page is going to be the first couple of things that come up because that’s what gets the most traffic.

So when you Google something that’s on the first page the first couple of links are going to either be their website or a Facebook page so it’s important if you want your company to come up or if you want your t-shirt company to come up you need to have some sort of social media presence and a way to interact with your customers.

The social media influence the marketing efforts that you guys will do. Your Facebook, your Instagram these types of places are sounding boards for your customers their successes and you’ll have the ability to monitor it effectively. eBay is a good one because you can start branching out to customers all over all over the country.

Attending Events, Shows & Trade Shows:

Events like car shows, dog shows, state fairs, school fundraisers all of the different Boy Scout, Girls Clubs all of the things that you see here it’s real easy to get in contact with these organizations and set up a booth and print. Printer is portable so feel free to take it.

It’s a good way for branding to get your name out there and your company. Create pretty cool images for these customers, these photos and have them be not only happy with the end result but the novelty of it. There will be many events that they have together throughout the month and you’ll be able to set up a little bit of booths for a small initial investment that you can have people start buying shirts off you directly.

Setting up your mind to enter into the direct to garment printing business also need the selection of the right Components and to prove that you are the best in the market you need to work on customers satisfaction. Choosing the right ink is of great importance. Ink proves how opaque and image should look. Splashjet helps you in getting the right product so as to get the best quality and make customer satisfy.

DTG Ink – Direct To Garment Ink

As an established ink manufacturer, we hereby present Dura-Jet DTG+ range of ink for the DTG printers. The ink is offered as per the OEM specifications of the printer or print-head. DTG Ink offers the best result for direct to garment printing. It makes fixation easy. Direct to garment ink offers Consistent & Reliable jet-ability with high color strength.

At a Glance

DuraJet DTex series textile pigment ink is specially formulated high quality ink for direct to garment printing on cotton fabrics. These inks consistently offer ultimate print performance with high reliability.

Vivid Color Performance – Brilliant color prints as a result of high performance pigment colorants
High Opacity – Minimum background color impact with high opacity ink formulation
Long Print-head Life – Advanced binder technology resulting into long print-head life
Excellent Run-ability – No missing nozzles during printing offering highly reliable printing performance

So those are initial steps that we wanted it to really emphasize and when we put this together on how to make money with direct to garment printing. We got all of this information from our current customer base it’s not like we’re pulling this out of thin air these are where we hear success stories.

When we have customers that are making six-figure incomes off their direct to garment printer & Splashjet inks. We do interviews with them and different things like that we ask, what was your most successful way of bringing in business and these were the areas of creating samples of business card on a shirt was by far the most successful but people have made a lot of money just on different events at car shows.

Here are some printer maintenance tips for direct-to-garment printers that can help you to keep your printer running smoothly.

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