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Splashjet has a modern manufacturing plant for the inkjet inks. The plant has built up capabilities for ink manufacturing, colorant purification, integrated quality control and repackaging set up.

Ultra-Pure Water Plant

Water being main component of Desktop and LFP inks, we make sure that ULTRA-PURE WATER Type-I is used with highest quality standard for ink manufacturing. Sophisticated plant gives water free from any salts, dissolved solids and any bacterial infection to ensure long storage stability of inks and trouble free printing.

Dye Purification Plant

All colorants used in ink making are purified in house. Our ultra-filtration and reverse-osmosis process ensures removal of any impurities in the colorants. Use of high purity inkjet colorants ensures high performance. Dyes are carbon treated to give high surface tension and ease of formulation.

Grinding - Nano Technology

Splashjet uses advanced technology for pigment stabilization at extremely fine particle size with narrow particle distribution. Even particle size distribution ensures stability of inks.It is of paramount importance to ensure clog free performance of inks. Specially developed binders and pigment stabilization technique is key for success in most challenging application scenarios using latest high speed inkjet print-heads.

Blending Units

Splashjet has automated manufacturing process of the inks. We ensure minimum human intervention in complete manufacturing process. We follow time-tested SOP’s. Stringent Quality checks are in place to ensure consistent quality. Dust free and closed loop manufacturing plant allows us to deliver consistent product repeatedly.

Nano Filtration

Inkjet colorants and ingredients are passed through sub-micron filters to remove any particulate impurities to nano level. As standard, post production nano-filtration removes any particulate impurities introduced during manufacturing process. This absolute dual filtration process ensures that the Splashjet Inks are contamination free for high performance.

Bottling Unit

Splashjet inks are approved for packaging only after passing through QC and Application Tests. Our inks are made with close loop manufacturing processes. Complete automated handling of fluids avoids any chances of contamination. High quality inks are directly packed into SKU’s at the end of the manufacturing process. Inks are stored in controlled environment for long shelf life. Every precaution is taken during packaging to avoid exposure to temperature fluctuations during shipping.

Inkjet Ink Manufacturing Company
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