Ink for Screen Engraver

Splashjet offers special ink for the screen engravers. Used to make high precision screens, Splashjet offers inks with high uv resistance, excellent half-tones & sharpness. Maximum print depth for screen exposures is facilitated by these inks. In addition, these inks offer easy washability to conserve valuable resources.

Splashjet engraver inks are available for Thermal engravers like NovaJet, HP & Piezo engravers using Epson, Ricoh print-heads.

Sr.Print-head CompatibilityColorsProduct Code
1EpsonScreen Engraver Ink for Epson DX4, DX5, DX7, TFPBKPhoto-Jet-EPD-Piezo-Black- Scr
3RicohScreen Engraver Ink for Ricoh Gen4, Gen4L, Gen5BKPhoto-Jet-RCD-Piezo-Black- Scr
4HPScreen Engraver Ink for HP 40, 45 CartridgeBKPhoto-Jet-HPD-29
5NovaScreen Engraver Ink for Encad Novajet Print-headsBKPhoto-Jet-HPD-Nova Dye