Inkjet has always found a place in precision applications in various industries. Splashjet has in depth know-how of the technology to develop custom solutions. State of the art development laboratory backed up by well equipped testing facility reduces the development time considerably.

Splashjet collaborates with leaders across industries for custom development of the inks. With Splashjet you can rest assured of the inkjet ink solutions.

Industrial Applications digital textile ink

Industrial Applications decor printing

Thanks to wide acceptance of inkjet, Décor industry is on the horizons of transformation. Wall papers, veneers, laminates, flooring all are printed with inkjet inks. Splashjet offers inks with robust performance for challenges of Décor industry. Key aspects of fade resistance, compatibility to post processing are paid attention to.

Digital textile printing has only one to go & that is upwards. Splashjet offers a plethora of products to specific requirements of printing directly on textiles & garments. Splashjet offers inks for Cotton, Viscose, Polyesters, Wool, Linen fabrics. Splashjet is continuously developing cutting edge products to facilitate digital printing of textiles.

Splashjet textile inks i.e. Sublimation Inks, Disperse Inks, Reactive Inks, Textile Pigment Inks are available for all popular piezo print-heads such as Epson, Konica Minolta, Panasonic, Seiko, Ricoh, Fuji Dimatix, Kyocera.

Industrial Applications textile besheet printing

Inkjet applications personalised gifting

Splashjet offers Dye Sublimation inks for personalized gifting industry. Proven quality, consistency & repeatability have made Splashjet a credible alternative for ink supplies.

Splashjet offers inks for wide range of small & medium format printers of Epson, Brother & Ricoh.

Ever increasing demand of customization has forced packaging industry to embrace inkjet technology. Splashjet offers inks for various applications of coding such as TIJ platforms, DoD Piezo platforms & LCP platforms. Splashjet offers wide portfolio of inks targeted for specific applications.

Industrial Applications packaging inkjet technology

Industrial Applications printing and publishing

Dedicated focus on inkjet presses from all Printer manufacturers is creating faster machines day by day. Splashjet offers the inks for various popular print-head platforms in the industry. Inks are developed to address the challenges of continuous jet-ability with single pass systems, good print densities & sharpness. Splashjet specializes in aqueous chemistries with both dye as well as pigment inks.

In addition Splashjet undertakes development of custom formulations for specific applications.

Digital printing has made the difficult job of plotting a breeze. GIS maps now can have all the information you will ever need. Splashjet offers the inks to create these maps with high line accuracy, sharp gradations, exact color gradations. Splashjet inks ensure the same print quality throughout the archival life of prints.

Splashjet offers inks for CAD & GIS printers of HP, Epson & Canon. Offering comparable performance to that of the OEM’s you would hardly notice the difference. Of course you would be saving almost 60-70% on the cartridge costs.

CAD and GIS printing

Graphic arts printing inks

Graphic Arts is an industry at the forefront of innovations. Be it the inks or the substrates or the new printing technologies. High print speed and short turn around time demands for highly reliable inks. Splashjet inks back you up with the reliability and consistent print performance.

Asa print shop owner, you can focus on the job at hand without worrying about the color reproduction or the ink reliability. Splashjet offers a wide range of aqueous inks for indoor applications. We do offer a limited range of solvent & energy cured inks too. Compatible inks are available for various printer models of HP, Epson,. Canon, Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland and numerous other printer brands. With Splashjet inks you can always expect more.

Digital Cameras and Printing have revolutionized the Art of Photography. Splashjet works hard to create the inks that enable the printer retain the essence of the images. Colors, Fade Resistance, Hues, Saturation and Gradations every aspect of the image has to be reproduced perfectly. Whether you are amateur or pro, Splashjet inks will deliver the ultimate print performance.

Splashjet offers wide variety of inks right from 4×6 Photo Printers to Professional Dry Minilabs including the wide format range of professional printers. Splashjet inks offer you a choice for your printer. Compatible Splashjet inks are available for Epson, Canon, HP, Brother, Fuji, Noritsu photo printers.

photograph printing inks

Small office home office printing inks

It has been a while since the inkjet printers are part of our life. Be it printing photos, documents or running your office with one of the multi-functional printers. Splashjet offers compatible inks for your desktop printers. Splashjet inks are truly compatible in every sense of the word. Be it the print performance, print quality, print-head life or image permanence we match or exceed OEM specifications.

Splashjet inks are available for various printer models of OEM’s such as HP, Epson, Canon, Brother & Ricoh.

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