Dye Sublimation Ink for Heat Transfer Printing

Splashjet Super-Sub® offers wide range of dye sublimation ink. These inks are designed to deliver enhanced performance on different print-head. The inks are suitable for various applications of sublimation transfer printing. Super-Sub® inks are made from high purity Low Energy disperse dyes. Thus they offer excellent print-head performance and extended nozzle life. The inks are suitable for use with different types of sublimation papers. These dye sublimation Ink are fine-tuned to offer excellent release, vivid color, reduced cockling, long shelf life and much more.

Splashjet’s has put in place stringent quality norms and rigorous application tests. This assures consistent & reliable performance of Super-Sub® dye sublimation inks. Specially designed inks make it easy to choose the suitable right sublimation ink for the desired application and print-head combination.

Besides transfer printing Super-Sub® sublimation inks are suitable for direct printing applications as well. They offer excellent sharpness and simultaneously ensure good media penetration. These inks help you differentiate your sublimation transfer print business. Besides textile applications of polyester and polyamide fabrics such as garments, sportswear, swimwear, apparels and home furnishings, the inks are widely used for personalized gift items, flags, banners and soft signage’s

Key features of Super-Sub® Dye Sublimation Ink :

  • Advanced Grinding and Stabilisation Technology
  • High purity Dyestuff – long printhead life
  • Different Inks specially designed for different Printheads

  • Long Shelf Life and Improved Stability

  • Clog Free Nozzles for 24×7 printing

  • Technical Support for Print Optimisation and ICC profiling

Recommended Fabrics:

  • Polyester

  • Polyester Blends

dye sublimation ink for heat transfer printing
dye sublimation Inks for apparels printing


Heat Transfer Ink for buntings printing


Sublimation Inks for Heat Transfer Printing for soft signage

Soft Signage

textile sublimation transfer ink for home furnishings printing

Home Furnishing

Splashjet sublimation textile inks are recommended for polyester, polyester blends, etc.

Desktop Sublimation Ink -

SrProduct CodePrint-head MakeColorsRecommended ForDescription
1SuperSub-Premia-600EpsonC, M, Y, BK, LC, LMAll Epson Desktop Printer models - L Series - L120, L130, L220, L800, L805, L1800, etcStandard quality sublimation inks for use with desktop printers of Epson.
2SuperSub-Versa-800EpsonC, M, Y, BK, LC, LMAll Epson Desktop Printer models - L Series - L120, L130, L220, L800, L805, L1800, etcHigh Strength premium sublimation inks for desktop printers.
3SuperSub-Versa-RCHRicohC, M, Y, BKAll Ricoh Desktop Printers - 3110DN, 3410DN, 7100DN, SG400, SG800, GXE7700 and more.High Strength premium sublimation inks for Ricoh Printers equivalent to Subligel Inks

Textile Sublimation Ink -

SrProduct CodePrint-head MakeColorsRecommended ForDescription     
1SuperSub-TFP-PremiaEpson DX5, 5113, DX7, TFPC, M, Y, BK, LC, LM, LK, LLK, RD, GN, OR, Fl-Y, Fl-MEpson DX5, 5113, DX7, TFP printheads - Epson,
Mutoh, Mimaki & Roland Printers
TFP is versatile Sublimation ink optimised for universal application with standard color striength.
2SuperSub-X7-DynaEpson DX7C, M, Y, BK, LC, LM, LK, LLK, RD, GN, OR, Fl-Y, Fl-MEpson Dx7 Print-heads,
Mutoh, Mimaki & Roland DX7 Printers
X7 Dyna range of Sublimation inks are specially formulated for high speed printing.
3SuperSub-F-IntenseEpson TFP & PrecisionCoreC, M, Y, BKEpson SureColor F series,
Epson SureColor SC T series
TFP Print-heads
F-Intense Sublimation ink is specially formulated high strength sublimation ink.
4SuperSub-UC-BoldEpsonC, M, Y, BKEpson Dx 5,
Epson 4S/5113,
Epson PrecisionCore, Epson TFP Print-heads
UC Bold is high strength sublimation inks suitable for use with un-coated or thin coated transfer papers as well.
5SuperSub-CoralKMC, M, Y, BKKM 512, KM512i, KM1024, KM1024i Print-headsCoral sublimation ink is Developed for Inductrial Printheads by Konica Minolta.
6SuperSub-RubyRicohC, M, Y, BKRicoh MH 5440, MH 5420, MH 5441, MH 5421, MH 5220,
Ricoh Gen 5 Print-heads
Ruby sublimation inks are Special Developed for Ricoh Gen5 Inductrial Printhead.
7SuperSub-PlatinumPanasonicC, M, Y, BKPanasonic Print-heads
DGI, Mimaki, Atexco printers
Platinum sublimation inks are Special Developed for Ricoh Gen5 Inductrial Printhead.

Recommendations for using Dye Sublimation Ink – 

For Best results, it is recommended to create ICC profile using Super-Sub dye sublimation ink, sublimation paper used by user, substrate, and printer used by a user for production purpose. This will ensure proper ink limits, color corrections and saturations resulting in great print results.

Other Products in Digital Textile Printing Ink

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