Disperse Ink - High Energy Disperse Ink for Direct Textile Printing

Splashjet offers disperse ink for direct printing on the polyester and polyester blend fabrics. These inks are made from High Energy Disperse dyes for direct textile printing. Ink offers excellent stability, depths with high fixation,  strength & rich saturated colors. We have developed proprietary grinding and stabilization technology to manufacture disperse ink from high purity high energy disperse dye. Pre-coating to fabric is highly recommended for high quality printing and proper fixation. Recommended fixation conditions are important for color development and fixation on fabric. Disperse ink offers high sublimation fastness along with excellent wash and fade resistance.

High energy disperses dye ink is preferred for direct textile printing over transfer printing process which uses low energy disperse dyes. By eliminating transfer paper, direct textile printing is more economical and environmentally friendly. Splashjet is developing full range of colors for digital textile printing using disperse dyes which are safer and more environmentally friendly.

Range of inks are available for wide range of industrial print-heads such as Epson, KM, Spectra Polaris, Fuji Dimatix, starfire, Seiko, Ricoh Gen 5. These inks are tailor-made for high performance with these industrial print-heads. You can choose specific ink from a wide range of inks based on their printhead and applications. See product page or Product data sheet for more details.

Key Features :

  • High Energy Dispersed Dyes
  • Excellent Fade & Wash Resistance
  • High Color Depth due to Deep Penetration
  • Advanced Grinding and stabilization technology
  • High Purity – long Printhead life

Recommended Fabrics:

  • Polyester
  • Polyester Blends
disperse ink for direct printing flags


disperse ink for direct printing car seats

Car Seats

disperse ink for direct printing active wear printing

Active Wear

disperse ink for direct printing furnishings


Disperse Ink List:

Sr.Product CodePrint-headCompatibilityColors
1Dura-Jet® - TexHD EPEpsonDirect Textile Printers with DX5, DX7, TFP Print-headsC, M, Y, BK, BL, OR, LBK, LC, LM
2Dura-Jet® - TexHD RG5RicohDirect Textile Printers with Ricoh Gen4, Gen4L, Gen5 Print-headsC, M, Y, BK, BL, OR, LBK, LC, LM
3Dura-Jet® - TexHD FSPFuji DimatixDirect Textile Printers with Spectra HeadsC, M, Y, BK, BL, OR, LBK, LC, LM
4Dura-Jet® - TexHD KMKonica MinoltaDirect Textile Printers with KM 512i, 1024 & 10241 Print-headsC, M, Y, BK, BL, OR, LBK, LC, LM
5Dura-Jet® - TexHD SKSeikoDirect Textile Printers with Seiko SPT512 & SPT1024 Print-headsC, M, Y, BK, BL, OR, LBK, LC, LM
6Dura-Jet® - TexHD PHPanasonicDirect Textile Printers with Panasonic Print-headsC, M, Y, BK, BL, OR, LBK, LC, LM

Dura-Jet® TexHD - High Energy Disperse Inks

Washing (ISO 105-C06) (C2S) 50'C3-454-554-54-5455
Dry Rubbing (ISO 105 X12)55554-54-5454-5
Wet Rubbing (ISO 105 X12)4-54443-45454
Perspiration in Acid (ISO105-E04)555554-5455
Perspiration in Alkali (ISO105-E05)3343-44-54-53-44-55
Light Fastness -Xenon Test (ISO105-B02)7776-76-76-76-766
Sublimation Fastness (ISO105-X11)4-54-54-544-54-5444

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