Dye Sublimation Ink for Epson and Sublimation Gel Ink for Ricoh

Super-Sub Dye Sublimation inks are available for various desktop printers such as Epson, Ricoh & Brother. The range comprises of the dye sublimation ink for Epson & Ricoh sublimation gel ink.

Both these products are designed to perform in the desktop environment. High color strength, excellent sharpness, refined color regeneration, and smooth printer performance are the key features of these products. This dye sublimation ink works with quick dry as well as slow dry high release sublimation transfer papers. The inks are crafted to effect a gradual and sharp release of the colors offering highly sharp transfers.

These desktop sublimation ink offer excellent performance with a variety of rigid and soft substrates. Sublimation ink for Epson is available up to 8 colors supporting all popular Epson desktop printers available in the market. Ricoh sublimation gel ink is available in 4 primary colors and suitable for use with all popular Ricoh printer models available on the market.

Key Features of Desktop Sublimation Ink are:

  • Photo Quality Transfer Results
  • Highly Sharp Color Transfers
  • Compatibility with a variety of Transfer Media
  • Long & Reliable Print-head Life
Splashjet Dye Sublimation T-shirt printing ink

T-shirt Printing

Splashjet Dye Sublimation mugs printing ink

Personalised Mugs

Splashjet Dye Sublimation ceramic printing ink

Ceramic Plates

Splashjet Dye Sublimation mobile case printing ink

Mobile Case

Super-Sub Desktop Sublimation inks are suitable for transfers on wide variety of coated substrates such as Mugs, Ceramic Items, Key-chains, Coasters, Stones, Crystals, Mouse Pads etc.

Textile Sublimation Ink

If you’re looking for Textile Sublimation Inks to print on larger surfaces like apparels, buntings, soft signages, etc., please visit here.

Desktop Sublimation Ink Compatibility List:

Sr.CompatibilityColorsProduct Code
1Premium Sublimation Ink for Epson Desktop PrintersC, M, Y, BK, LC, LMSuper-Sub- SUQ/600
2Premium Sublimation Ink for Brother Desktop PrintersC, M, Y, BKSuper-Sub- SUQ/BRD
3Premium Sublimation Ink for Ricoh Desktop PrintersC, M, Y, BKSuper-Sub- SUQ/RCH

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