Print Head Cleaning Solution | Inkjet Print head Recovery

In inkjet technology, one has to always take proper care of the print-heads and the printers. Splashjet offers a wide array of fluids to make life easier. Splashjet offers flushing inks, print head cleaning solution, moisturizers for preventing head clogs. Carefully made to suit the print-heads, backed up by elaborate instructions, these fluids make head maintenance, head recovery very easy.

Features of Inkjet Print Head Cleaning Solution:-

  • Print-head specific solutions
  • Effective recovery of nozzle clogs
  • Extended life for print-head
  • Increased economy and reduced cost

Product Range

Sr NoItemTypeCompatibilityApplication
1CLI-Flush-Transfer Ink - EP / BRFlushing SolutionEpson Brother PrintersFlushing solution / Washing Solution for low viscosity piezo print-heads
2CLI-Flush-Transfer Ink - CN / HPFlushing SolutionCanon / HP PrintersFlushing solution / Washing Solution for Canon / HP (Thermal head)
3CLI-Flush-Transfer Ink - RH / KMFlushing SolutionRicoh / KM / Seiko / Panasonic / StarfireFlushing solution / Washing Solution for medium viscosity industrial piezo print-heads
4CLI-Mild-Head-Cleaning-Ink-EP/BRFlushing SolutionEpson Brother PrintersDeep Action ( For - Epson / Brother) (Rinse with transfer before and after use)
5CLI-Dead-Head-Cleaning-Ink-EP/BRFlushing SolutionEpson Brother PrintersRecover Dead Print Head (Epson / Brother)
6CLI-Internal-Cleaning-Ink-HP/CNFlushing SolutionCanon / HP PrintersInternal Cleaning Solution ( For HP/ Canon)
7CLI-Strong-Head-Cleaning-Ink-HP/CNFlushing SolutionCanon / HP PrintersStrong Action ( For HP/ Canon) (Rinse with transfer before and after use)
8DTex - Pre Treat-APre-treatment for Textile Pigment Inks N.A.Color Enhancer pre-treat for pigment ink (10X concentrate)
9DTex - Pre Treat-BPre-treatment for Textile Pigment Inks N.A.Rub Enhancer pre-treat for pigment ink (10X concentrate)
10DTex - Pre TreatPre-treatment for Textile Pigment Inks N.A.Clear Pre-treat of standard quality (10X concentrate)
11CLI-DeCap - Capping Cleaning InkCapping Station Fluid - External Use only N.A.Decap - Cleaning solution for Capping station

Other Products in Industrial Inkjet Ink

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