Splashjet - Leading Digital Textile Printing Ink Manufacturer in India

Splashjet Print Technologies – Digital Textile Printing Ink Manufacturer in India. We manufacture a wide range of digital textile printing ink suitable for diverse applications. Established in 2006, Splashjet is extensively involved in inkjet technology and its applications. Borne out of passion about the Inkjet Technology, Splashjet has differentiated itself with High-Performance textile printing ink!

Splashjet has well-established product development capabilities backed up by highly qualified manpower. Splashjet inks are designed in our state of the art laboratories, manufactured in the clean room environment, tested in dedicated application laboratories. Splashjet’s extensive focus on innovation has helped to deliver outstanding inkjet inks. Splashjet inks are known for “Reliability, Consistency & Performance!”

Splashjet is based in Nagpur city in the Maharashtra state in central India. Splashjet has extensive reach in the domestic market through its distribution network. Splashjet digital textile printing ink has been exported across the globe right from Americas to East Asia. Splashjet inks speak for themselves and the growing number of our customers is a testimony to it. Splashjet offers inkjet inks for the wide range of industries. To cater to the ever-expanding range of Inkjet applications Splashjet continuously expands its offerings. To name a few, Splashjet inks are widely used in Desktop Printing, Graphic Arts, Decor, Digital Textile, Printing & Packaging industries.

Splashjet has established high tech infrastructure to back up the product development and leading textile ink suppliers around the world. Our laboratories boast of instrumentation parallel to the best in business. Clean room manufacturing and automated production facilities ensure minimum human intervention. Splashjet has installed capacity of 1200 MTPA.

Splashjet understands the stringent quality requirements of inkjet technology. We have put in place rigorous quality checks at every step of manufacturing to ensure the highest level of consistency. Color Strength, Physical Parameters, and Chemical Properties are constantly monitored. Splashjet is committed to honoring the customer’s trust put in our inks. Splashjet textile printing ink always delivere with the promise of Reliability, Quality, and Performance!

Splashjet quality systems are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Splashjet understands its responsibilities towards mother earth. We use advanced technologies of waste management and effluent discharges. We are proud to follow Zero Discharge Policy guidelines. We have ISO 14001:2004 certified Environment Management Systems in place.

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